The Aegis Advantage

Our goal is to match the right candidate with the right job. To achieve this perfect fit, Aegis Worldwide offers unsurpassed client benefits that include:


We meet onsite with your internal staff to gain a thorough grasp of your company and specific job requirements. The better we understand your company, your business and your corporate culture, the easier it is for us to prescreen candidates and place just the right person on your team.


The principals of Aegis Worldwide have more than 55 years of combined experience providing contract and permanent placement services. Our staff consists of former business owners, national sales representatives, corporate recruiters and human resource executives. We’ve walked in your shoes and that gives us the expertise to provide the services you need.


Another Aegis distinctive is the way in which we approach candidate recruiting. Anybody can post jobs on the Internet. Seventy percent of our candidates are found through methods other than job posting, including qualified referrals, professional organizations and networking relationships. Often, the most qualified candidates are those not actively seeking new opportunities. We seek them out, and that sets Aegis apart from our competitors right from the start.


Whenever geographically possible, we meet with candidates personally, conducting in-depth interviews and checking a minimum of two professional references. For any given position, our recruiters may conduct up to 100 phone screens to narrow the list to 10 potential candidates. We then conduct additional interviews and reference checks.


We put a great deal of time and effort into narrowing down a large field of potential candidates for each position. After we have carefully reviewed all candidates, we submit only the top two candidates for your consideration.


Each of our recruiters works with a select group of five to six positions at a given time. This is less than half the industry standard, which allows us to focus and dedicate more quality time to each position. In turn, this leads to our ultimate goal of offering personalized service and often cuts the normal interviewing process in half.


We follow up each interview by coordinating feedback, providing drug testing and background checks, and assisting your staff in relocating the candidate. And, to ensure that the candidate you choose continues to perform to your satisfaction, we conduct regular periodic evaluations.


We can supply references from a wide range of companies throughout the United States, from smaller firms to large Fortune 100 companies.

At Aegis Worldwide, we serve as an extension of your team. Finding the perfect candidate to fill a given position enables us to help build your team and add to your company’s strength and profitability.