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Interview Tips from an Aegis HR Manager

HR Managers have heard (and in some cases, have seen) it all when it comes to guiding a potential candidate through the interview process. Our own HR team here at Aegis is no different, so they put together a quick list of … Continue reading

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Aegis WorldWide Expands into Accounting & Finance Staffing

National Staffing Agency Announces Plans to Grow in an Effort to Meet Employer Demands in the Midwest  CARMEL, IN – After 11 years of success in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, and supply-chain management, Indiana-based Aegis Worldwide has announced that … Continue reading

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Blindsides – How to Avoid Candidate Back-outs that Surprise Recruiters and HR

One of my favorite things about the show Survivor are the ‘blindsides’.   Several tribe members offer up a fake strategy that everyone buys into and then, secretly, they vote off someone that never sees it coming.   And, yes – I … Continue reading

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Making TRUE Connections

As recruiters, we are tasked with finding the right people for existing job openings. This usually involves some serious searching for a variety of factors from location, to pay, to skillset, to culture. Add on the fact that hiring companies … Continue reading

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2 Minute Life Hack for Interviews

Last night I watched a Ted Talk on the effect non-verbal communication has on yourself, and others. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy has done experiments showing how doing high or low power poses for 2 minutes affected not only our testosterone … Continue reading

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Candidates: Reach out and refer

There are jobs to be had! After having the pleasure of working with so many candidates and on so many job openings, I have come to the conclusion that the value of recruiting is not as well-known as it should … Continue reading

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