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Interview Tips from an Aegis HR Manager

HR Managers have heard (and in some cases, have seen) it all when it comes to guiding a potential candidate through the interview process. Our own HR team here at Aegis is no different, so they put together a quick list of … Continue reading

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2 Minute Life Hack for Interviews

Last night I watched a Ted Talk on the effect non-verbal communication has on yourself, and others. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy has done experiments showing how doing high or low power poses for 2 minutes affected not only our testosterone … Continue reading

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Save Your “Masque” for Next Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, wearing a mask is a good thing and becoming someone you’re not is encouraged.  Lately, I’ve witnessed peers and candidates take this same approach to their interview process by becoming someone they’re not to land … Continue reading

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Extreme Makeover- Resume Edition

This week’s recruiting blog topic is probably the thing I am asked about most when someone (friend or family) finds out that I’m a recruiter, especially when they are an active job seeker.  Having reviewed, scrutinized, rewritten, torn up and … Continue reading

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Fresh tactics for the modern job seeker: Don’t be a “hoarder” (of ideas…)

Major changes are underway everywhere you look – technology and communication being at the forefront.    Landing a new job is no different and we thought we would flush out a few of the old ideas taught to us and that … Continue reading

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Interview Tips: Can there be a fresh perspective?

Recruiter blogs are filled with ‘trade secret tips’ on how to ACE your next interview. *Wear a suit!       *Don’t speak negatively about past employer! Send a thank you note!        *Bring three copies of your resume! I’m having a … Continue reading

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