Celebrate your successes Friday!

This morning while filtering through the mass of morning emails, this blog post popped up in our inbox: “Do you celebrate your successes?”. It got us thinking on this gorgeous Friday about if we do celebrate our successes, or if we are too busy thinking about what is next and just brushing past them.

Take a moment before you head out of the office this afternoon and read Lipton Flemings post on celebrating your successes.  Happy Friday!

Do you celebrate your successes?

“I am completely the wrong person to be writing this blog as I never celebrate any successes and instead think about ‘what’s next’, but I hear celebrating is supposed to be a good thing.  So here goes with my hypocritical blog.

In all seriousness I can see the value in taking stock of one’s achievements. In this day and age where all we hear is negativity it can be difficult to actually get a grasp of your achievements as nothing ever seems to be good enough.  I always feel that it is almost a sign of weakness and that it is important for me to stay focused and drive myself forward.  When does it end? What will ever be good enough? In my case I am afraid nothing will as I will always want more.  However I am starting to realize that I can celebrate in my own way and not limit my hunger….. http://www.liptonfleming.co.uk/blog/


-Aegis Worldwide


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