What makes Aegis Worldwide different?
Our unique approach to business and to our customers.  We try to get as ingrained in to our customer’s culture and hiring philosophies as possible.  Formal job descriptions often paint only half the picture, so the more we can learn on the front end the better it helps us to find the right candidates.  This also allows us to submit 1-2 candidates at a time, instead of flooding our customers with a high quantity of resumes that may not be a fit for your open positions.  Our intense prescreening process saves our customers time by only having to review the resumes of our top 1-2 candidates and interview candidates that are a solid long term fit for our customers culture and technical requirements.

What are your specialties, and what industries to you work in?
Aegis Worldwide specializes in Manufacturing, Engineering, Accounting and Finance skill sets, and we have placed everything from a CEO down to entry level skilled labor. We have done placements in the Automotive, Medical Device, Plastics, Building Products, Accounting, Chemical, Foods, Flavoring, Plastics, Consumer Products, Utilities, Steels, Metals, Finance, Containers, and Pharmaceutical industries, but are not just limited to these industries.

Do you recruit for hourly level positions?
Although we are capable of recruiting on entry or production-level roles, we really excel at direct hire positions, from Technician-level to C-level roles.

What are your primary avenues for finding passive candidates?
Our extensive network – we work with past and current hiring managers and candidates that we’ve placed in the past to find passive job seekers who don’t post their resumes online.

How long will it take you to ramp up and get me some prescreened candidates for this position?
Depending on the position, our goal is to get a candidate for review in the first 5 – 10 business days.  We strive to only send one or two candidates for each opening, but we understand there is a learning curve with new clients and that we may need to readjust after the first submittal.

How do you find your candidates?
We are high urgency and rely on a number of resources to find the best candidates for our clients.  Networking and cold-calling allows us to be very selective in who we source and will generally produce high quality, passive candidates.  This is our preferred and most-relied upon method of direct hire recruiting.
At the same time, some contract needs are urgent and call for quicker turnarounds.  For those, we are able to run AD’s, search the top rated sites in the industry and draw on our database of over 70,000 candidates.   In addition, Aegis is a member to over 40 industry and trade associations, where we can network with recognized professionals in specific industries.

Is Aegis a franchise or affiliated with another company?
We are independently owned and headquartered in Carmel, IN; operating out of our headquarters as well as an office in Chicago IL, Detroit MI, and Nashville TN.  We have and plan to continue to grow organically as a corporation, where teamwork and communication within our company is valued/demanded.

Where are your customers located?
Although we are based in the Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, and Nashville TN.  Aegis Worldwide has done placements in 22 states and in all Regions of the United States including; the East and West Coasts, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest.