Interview Tips from an Aegis HR Manager

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HR Managers have heard (and in some cases, have seen) it all when it comes to guiding a potential candidate through the interview process. Our own HR team here at Aegis is no different, so they put together a quick list of their top ten interview tips. Keep these in mind the next time you find yourself navigating through the interview process.

  1. Make it easy to be considered – have a well-crafted resume and send it in with your application. Make sure it’s in the format that the company asks for or is easy to read. Word or PDF is always my suggestion if a preference isn’t given.
  2. Keep your scheduled interview time– be mindful when you are scheduling your interview and make sure it’s a time you can commit to! If a circumstance arises where you cannot, make sure you reach out to let the company know of your situation.
  3. Arrive on time, but not too early – while being on time is essential for an interview, arriving too early can lead to stress for you if you’re waiting for an extended period of time.
  4. Answer the questions – seems pretty straightforward, but I can’t tell you how many times I ask a question and get a rehearsed response that doesn’t touch on what the question asked. Understand the question, ask for clarification if needed, and give a response that details the information that was requested.
  5. Include results with your answers – substantiate your success with results. Numbers achieved, goals reached, changes made, accolades received are all great info to include with your examples.
  6. Answer honestly – not only should you be truthful with your answers, I always advocate for answering how you honestly feel. Don’t be afraid to answer a question with your true thoughts on something for the fear of being ruled out. If that’s honestly how you feel, and not what the role/company is or has to offer, then it isn’t the right fit anyway.
  7. Let your personality show through – your interviewer is more than likely assessing if you fit the role and the culture of the company. Let them see who you are and what an asset your personality will be to the team!
  8. Ask questions – you should be interviewing the company just as they are interviewing you. Ask questions that matter to you. Prepare them beforehand and ensure you understand what you will need to know to make a decision if you are offered the job.
  9. Ask for the job – you help the interviewer understand your interest if you ask for the job. Let them know you are interested if you can truly see yourself taking the job.
  10. Say Thank You – get a business card and write an email to thank them for their time and the opportunity. It’s also a great way to reiterate your interest in being hired!
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